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Ecological Products

Over 40 years of on-the-job experience taught us that using the bestproducts helps to achieve the best results.

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We guarantee quickness, efficiency, properly met deadlines, and the best quality / price ratio on the market.

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Decoration Services

We have a specialist decoration service...

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metal Paintings

We have a specialist service in metal Paintings

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We think that good partnerships are a sure way to success and, in this sense, we make reference to some noteworthy partners, where you will be able to find quality services and products, the best quality/price ratio available in the market and a personalized service:

For several years, Neuce has been dedicated to the creation and expansion of our innovating breeze to perfection.

Now is the time to open the window and free our values and ideals, so that they may fly on the wings of a butterfly, transforming into the images of our wishes.

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DIY             -      Gardening              -         Decoration      -       Construction

Transport of screed   -   Transport of concrete   -  Protection of ready-made plasters

António M.S.C. Almeida - Ovarmat Comercio geral
Construction material sales. Rua A quarteirão 1 Nº11 Bairro

1º de Maio Viana - Vila Viana - Luanda

Tel.: (00244) 222 291 452      Mobile: (00244) 921 180 132




Address: Quinta do Vale das Rolas, Cucena, Paio Pires, 2840- 100 Seixal, Portugal
t: (351) 212 248 600 | (351) 910 863 168
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Mercor Tecresa

Passive fire protection and prevention systems, fire protection mortars, rigid panels and sealing systems.
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We produce solutions for the following industries: Construction, Industry, Hospitality, Automobile, Health and Cosmetics.
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City of Future

A Virtual City that, besides being a technological and artistic showcase for the boldest and better conceived projects, an online portfolio for the most daring, blending the best of Engineering and Architecture, may serve as a launchpad for a physical city and a better future.
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Bespoke New Technologies! - web design - marketing - services

We want to maximize your business, transporting it to the 21st century, working with business people that have a futuristic, entrepreneurial and dynamic vision.

We are experts in: Building Websites, Online stores, maintenance, domains and hosting, and web optimization (SEO).

Campaign for Angola - everything ready and functional in less than 5 weeks:

First week
       -  Domain Registration, e.g.:

       -  Up to 6 personalized emails, e.g.
- We will host a page warning “Website under construction”

Fourth Week
Submission of the works for approval.

Fifth Week
Closing up process.

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