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ecological painting

The Ecological Paint is made totally within the rules and conventions Ecological , where both the entire procedure and materials used, such as brushes and brushes etc. ,are products that respect the environment .

Important to note that procedures like cleaning, leaving no waste and recycling each material, are part of a truly ecological procedure. We cannot make a 100% green paint if we leave waste and plastic materials that do not contribute to a sound and truly Ecological philosophy.

The paintings are made with genuine Eco-Friendly paints formulated with natural raw materials ( of vegetable, minerals and even animal origin, such as casein ) without synthetic inputs or petroleum components. However, there are several types of paints with environmental performance , and contribute the most to both the preservation of the environment as well as to good maintenance of the health of the individuals.

It is important to mention that there are international standards such as DIN 55649, and an environmental labeling system ( ecolabels ) for ecological paintings , which serve as guidelines for the verification and scientific determination of parameters to consider how environmentally friendly an ink really is.

It does not suffice for a company to call its product " eco " or to get some supposed " green seal " for the product to actually be a 'green' eco-friendly one. For this reason we suggest that you talk to professionals, responsible and reputable companies that actually think green and act green, following proven eco-friendly procedures.

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metal Paintings

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